November 22, 2006 / David Fitch

Scot McKnight comes to Up/rooted

Here’s another invite to the locals who read this blog. Scot McKnight, blogger extraordinaire will be at up/rooted gathering on Monday, December 11 from 7-9pm. He’ll be discussing a topic that has always divided the church, Mariology. I’ve always thought us protestants needed to understand Catholics more carefully and engage in conversations out of our unity. I think this subject and his newest book, The Real Mary: Why Evangelical Christians Can Embrace the Mother of Jesus can help heal the divide. Scot has been an excellent conversation partner with missional and emerging church folk as well as me personally regarding my book The Great Giveaway. Scot’s a real friend and the world’s greatest blogger. See his Jesus Creed.
Uprooted will be meeting in a different location, and a totally different suburb this time. Pastor Fred has graciously offered to host us at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Park Ridge (near O’Hare) this month. (The address is 1006 Gillick St, Park Ridge IL 60068.) This means that for those of you in the north suburbs or downtown, we’ll be a lot closer to you this time! I hope you are able to come and join us, especially if we haven’t seen you in a while due to the distance.