Men Who Buy Sex: How a Former Porn Addict is Pastoring Johns

How Do You Treat Men Who Buy Sex? John School with Chris Stollar (Part 2 in the Sex Trafficking Series) Confession: This episode was difficult to produce. It has exposed how my desire for justice far outweighing my willingness to extend compassion toward men who solicit prostitutes and contribute to the horrific world of human trafficking.
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Walter Brueggemann on Failed White Domination & the Door of Hope

“The old world of white domination has failed . . .  we are seeing the anger and the fear and the hate about how uneasy we are of having to live in that moment.” – Walter Brueggemann “Edgeman” Walter Brueggemann helps me kick off this introductory Betwixt Podcast episode through thought-provoking conversation!
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The Image of God and the Feminine Experience: Part 1

“When our understanding of the imago Dei is refracted through a warped philosophical glass and skewed Biblical understanding, the result is that our image, and especially the images of women and minorities along the margins, is tarnished and distorted.” Introducing the Betwixt series “The Image of God & the Feminine Experience.” Episode 1 probes how women think of themselves as image-bearers of God, the dominant historic Christian interpretations of the imago Dei, and what the Bible specifically says about mankind and the image of God.
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