Diana Mao – Nomi Network

Garbage Village Museum Gift Shop Cambodian Daughter Today on The Pursuit: Diana Mao Diana is the President & co-founder of Nomi Network, creating pathways to safe employment and economic stability, for communities of women to prevent trafficking and empower future generations.
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April Tam Smith – PS Kitchen

Wall Street Haiti Morning Math Class Today on The Pursuit: April Tam Smith April founded P.S. Kitchen, a social enterprise vegan restaurant in Times Square that donates 100% of its profits to charity and aims to hire those who need a 2nd chance in their community.
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Men Who Buy Sex: How a Former Porn Addict is Pastoring Johns

How Do You Treat Men Who Buy Sex? John School with Chris Stollar (Part 2 in the Sex Trafficking Series) Confession: This episode was difficult to produce. It has exposed how my desire for justice far outweighing my willingness to extend compassion toward men who solicit prostitutes and contribute to the horrific world of human trafficking.
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