January 27, 2014 / Missio Alliance

The Church in God’s Global Mission (Jim Baucom & Neville Callam)

Our free resource this week is a workshop led by Jim Baucom and Neville Callam at the 2013 National Gathering on the subject of global missions. How is our understanding of global missions changing in light of the missional conversation? And what steps might need to be taken in order to enact this change?

 Neville Callam

Workshop Description:

For nearly 200 years, most Evangelical Christians in the Western world agreed on the definition of “missions”: to win (“evangelize”) the world (“the ends of the earth”) for Christ. To participate in missions nearly always involved either going as, or sending and praying for, career missionaries from here (the West) to there (everywhere else). Those days are gone.

As the center of world Christianity has shifted to the global South and East, we stand in need of reimagining global missions as global discipling, which emphasizes, among other things, self-propagating indigenous churches and justice-based compassionate ministries. Join us as the Senior Pastor of a large, missional church in America’s capital region and the Executive leader of a global network of Baptist conventions and churches consider together what missions have become and where they might be headed in the next century.

The audio download of this workshop is available HERE and is available for free all day today, 1/27/14 (discount automatically applied when you add the workshop to your cart).

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