The Five Equippers of Churches- JR Woodward

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3 responses to “The Five Equippers of Churches- JR Woodward

  1. Am I allowed to question your explanation of what an Apostle is?

    are we stuck with C16th KJV terminology that no-one outside of church
    culture would use, and that we wouldn’t use in our translations if the
    Bible was discovered
    It makes us look and sound like religious ‘wierdo’s! 
    The word
    means ‘Sent.’ Not sure what term we should now use if any, the function
    is more important than the word.

    If you agree that there are more Apostles than the 12 original
    scripture writing eye-witnesses, then they are people (Biblically men
    AND women) who travel around starting church communities in unchurched
    areas, and then grow them to independent disciple making maturity, while
    not drawing finance or salary from the church communities they serve.
    Maybe it’s a question of terminology/vocab, but I didn’t recognise the Biblical roots of this definition.
    c) I would also observe that where the role ‘Apostle’ is
    named today, it’s often locked into a regional church hierarchical
    structure, more than living out the NT role.

  2. Jez at unhappyhippy
    Hey Jez,
    I agree that sometimes the terms seem archaic, which is one of the reasons I give each of the five-fold nicknames, like dream awakener (apostle), heart revealer (prophet) , story teller (evangelist), soul healer (pastor) and light giver (teacher).
    While there were the 12 (A)postles, there were also other apostles, both men and women mentioned in the New Testament, people Andronicus and Junia (Rom. 16:7), Paul and Apollos ( I Cor. 4:1-13), Paul, The Lord’s brothers (I Cor. 9), Titus (2 Cor. 8:23), James (Gal. 1:19), All the Apostless – different from the 12 (I Cor. 15:5,7). 
    Here is a link of a further definition of apostles: http://jrwoodward.net/equippers/apostle/
    Hope that is helpful.  Thanks for your words.
    JR Woodward

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