Welcome participants in Urbana 2015! We are glad you have found Missio Alliance.

For our special friends attending Urbana, we’ve compiled a few suggestions below for some resources you might be interested in from some speakers we have featured in the past. But first, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Missio Alliance began with a handful of leaders who longed to see the formation of a new identity for evangelicals – one that was rooted in our Orthodox past, but committed to exploring the future of ministry and theology in our new mission context. In our humble beginnings (we’re still there in many ways), a growing number of organizations and institutions across the evangelical landscape of North America have linked arms to create a space where we can explore together – A Church Reimagined for a World Recreated.

Just a few examples of resources that might be of interest featuring Urbana 2015 speakers from the “Being Truly Human” North American Gathering in May 2015:

You can browse our entire collection of messages on our main resource page. And don’t forget to use the coupon code Urbana50 to receive $50 worth of free resources.