VIDEO: A Fresh Encounter with Jesus – Greg Boyd

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This past September, we hosted Church & Post-Christian Culture: Christian Witness in the Way of Jesus. This was the first in a series of events & projects that we’re convening under the banner, “Once & Future Mission.”

The Once & Future Mission Series is dedicated to recognizing the gifts of our various traditions up to today and re-imagining those gifts for the future of mission. We seek to do this by bringing these gifts into conversation with other parts of the Body of Christ so that a “fusion of horizons” can begin to take shape – one that we believe will be necessary for the future of mission in North America. [MORE]

This event brought three historically Anabaptist denominations (Mennonite Church USA, Church of the Brethren, and Brethren in Christ Canada) and three significant churches (Woodland Hills Church, Carlisle Brethren in Christ Church, and The Meeting House) together to help bring a focus on the unique characteristics and gifts of the Anabaptist tradition for the wider Body of Christ in our day. It also featured space for several friends from other theological streams to speak – reflecting back on what they had heard as well as offering points of critique meant to illuminate ways in which the Body of Christ is strengthened by remaining in fellowship and dialogue with those of different tribes.

In weeks to come we will have some additional video footage to share with you, but for now, here’s Greg Boyd giving the opening address.

You can pick up audio downloads of the various – and super inexpensive! – sessions and workshops from this event, including the talks from the non-Anabaptist speakers, here.

Huge thanks goes to Stephen Konsor and ReKnew for their help in producing this (and forthcoming) video!


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