Who Wants to Start a Conversation?

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Little change of pace for our Monday post this week….

Rather than host a weekly conversation around a certain topic and resource, let’s see what kind of conversation might emerge from the Missio Alliance community!

In order to make it as social as possible, let’s try this…

  1. Head over to the Missio Alliance Facebook Page (feel free to “Like” it if you haven’t already)
  2. Post a question or issue you are currently engaging in your context
  3. Tag a few people that you think would be interested in the conversation or that you’d like to hear from

We’ll do our best to promote these conversations and see what kind of engagement unfolds.

As a way to say thanks for being a catalyst for conversation, you can come back here, copy and paste your Facebook post with its link, and we’ll email you a discount code good for a free download of any resource we have. (Good Monday, September 2 only).

Missio Alliance Community Conversations

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