June 19, 2015 / Missio Alliance

Your Church Needs Prayer – The Ananias Prayer Retreat by Fresh Expressions US

Your Church Needs Prayer

Learn How Intercessory Prayer Could Revolutionize Your Movement

During the 2015 National Gathering, many were blessed to participate in intercessory prayer sessions.

Despite the core place prayer plays in the life of the Church, many feel struggle in their practice. Even fewer feel confident to teach others how to intercede.

Our partner organization, Fresh Expressions US and Northstar Intercessors are partnering to facilitate the Ananias Prayer Retreat.

Named for the man who prayed for the Saul of Tarsus, Ananias Prayer Retreats are for churches, missional organizations and intercessors who desire to grow in their ability to hear the voice of the Lord. As they develop this capacity, they will provide even greater support to their leadership in discerning the will of God. They will also to undergird their organizations in intercessory prayer, in essence, “standing in the gap” for the mission to be fulfilled.

The Ananias Prayer Retreat will take place June 25-27, 4pm to 11am at the Richmond Hill Retreat Center.

Register today: https://guestlistapp.com/events/321087.