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The Evolutionary Survival Instinct of Empire

Every time I step into my backyard the squirrels dart away immediately. They fear me no matter how long I have demonstrated my commitment to nonviolence. I see little distinction in the neurology between humans and squirrels. We ingenious human…

The Drug Dealer of Choice for Anxious Pastors

Anxious as hell. That’s how a friend of mine recently described the pastors he knows. “They are anxious as hell, run ragged.” He is naming what is going on in the background—just beneath the surface of the all the preaching-teaching-tweeting.…

A Better Life Way Than Banning

It almost happened. Eugene Peterson’s name was almost added to the ever-expanding list of names whose titles have been refused placement on the bookshelves of the Southern Baptist-affliated bookstore LifeWay. Rob Bell Mark Driscoll Jen Hatmaker Joyce Meyer Joel Osteen…
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Announcing: 2017 SheLeads Presenters

One of my favorite ways to spend summer days is to wander a quiet art museum. So it was with sadness, when a friend asked me if I’d seen any good art lately, that I had to answer, “No.” But…
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Do You Even Want Revival?

A few weeks ago I learned of a major event taking place in Los Angeles that coincided with the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival. Sponsored by Lou Engle and The Call, Azusa Now came about through a unique…

Starting New Communities for Mission

I remember the first morning I woke up after I had moved to Syracuse, NY. My family had spent the previous year discerning the Spirit’s voice with friends, family and our faith community. My wife and I had served in…