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How the Church Can Combat the Idolatry of White Mythology

Every culture has a mythology to guide it. But what happens when the Church allows that mythology to compete with the story of our King Jesus? The word mythology typically brings to mind the names of Greek gods like Apollo and Zeus. In modern convention, the term ‘myth’ may hold negative connotations, implying a degree of falsity or a lack of legitimacy. Yet myths are simply stories that guide a culture. They explain how the world works and help people make meaning of their experiences. Myth is like a lens we see through. Members of a cultural group all have the same lens filtering the world in the same basic ways, so we unknowingly end up living inside the mythology…

In Times of Upheaval Women Shape New Landscapes

I’m doing something radical: I’m choosing to be a woman—in public. As a female pastor, I live at the center of several big questions filling our minds and headlines: What is leadership and power (and does it have to look…
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