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A Simple, Communal Lent Journey

Our community is taking part in this simple Lent exercise together. Will you join us? In 1654 Pascal, the scientific and spiritual prodigy, had a moment of insight from God that was so powerful he scribbled down his experience and…

A Woman on a Mission from God

When I wrote my first book, I was on a mission from God! I had already learned the hard way that I didn’t know enough about God—even though I’d grown up in the church where my father was the pastor…
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The 2016 Fresh Expressions National Gathering

And. It’s a powerful word. This little word links groups of words together weaving a story that is richer and more varied than it would be if any word in the group was left alone. Join hundreds of other leaders—both lay and ordained—from across the nation as we explore the power of and.