Justin Heap

Director of Content & Resource Development

Justin partners with the National Director in honing the overall vision and strategy with a specific focus on leading innovation and growth within the content & resource development dimensions of our ministry; he’s passionate about helping provide creative strategy and direction for all Missio’s platforms, channels, and gatherings.

Justin also runs an Independent Creative Agency, justinpheap.co, leading teams, organizations, and entrepreneurs to connect all the branding dots focusing on ideation, art, and design. As the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Pax Coworking Studio, he enjoys helping shape the future of new and remote work. Justin is a passionate and lifelong learner, with degrees and certifications in psychology, photography, systems thinking, and the enneagram. His writing has been featured with Relevant MagazineFatherlyChurch Leadership CenterSunday U, and is the author of a book of poetry, By & By & Never. Justin loves all the adventures of family life and currently lives in Holland, MI.

Justin Heap

Justin Heap (#5)