Announcing “Faithful Deconstruction,” a New Missio Alliance Partner Podcast

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Missio Alliance is thrilled to announce our partnership with Whoology and Jessie Cruickshank in their latest podcast “Faithful Deconstruction: How to Journey Through Deconstruction Without Losing Your Faith.” We will be releasing an episode per week starting today, April 27, 2023!

Deconstruction and Reconstruction are a death and resurrection experience of how we are made to grow and change. But how can we embrace the baptism of deconstruction without losing our faith entirely? In this 6-part podcast, neuroscientist and ordained minister Jessie Cruickshank and longtime sojourner and Forge America National Director Rowland Smith consider the journey of faithful deconstruction. They discuss two types of deconstruction and explore the process of rebuilding one’s faith after a season of doubt. Grounding their journey in the story of Babel (Genesis 11) and featuring special guest interviews throughout, Jessie and Rowland dialogue about their experiences and insights on what it looks like to deconstruct one’s faith within the context of a safe, vulnerable community – all without losing your faith.

Lisa Rodriguez-Watson, National Director of Missio Alliance, is thrilled to add this podcast to the Missio lineup. What are Lisa’s hopes for this podcast? In her words, “There’s so much talk in the church about deconstruction. Rather than something to be feared and avoided, this is a conversation we must engage honestly and faithfully. The partnership with Whoology on this podcast hosted by Jessie and Rowland is an incredible resource for our audience, and will guide listeners in how to make space for both faithful deconstruction as well as a healthy reconstruction.”

Whoology anticipates significant dialogue as well, commenting that “Deconstruction is a normal transition in our journey of faith development, but whether or not we lose our faith in the process depends on how our faith communities creates space for our questions and doubts. Hosts Jessie Cruickshank and Rowland Smith ground this conversation in the biblical story of Babel, consider the transformational journey through the lens of psychology, and layer in both interviews and practical experience from those who have walked the path and found a deep sense of God on the other side.”

The first episode is available now on our website and YouTube.