New Partnership Announcement: Welcoming CRC Home Missions as Our Newest Alliance Partner!

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Missio Alliance is excited to announce a new partnership with the Home Missions arm of the Christian Reformed Church!

As we continue to build strategic partnerships with denominational bodies, schools, and ministry networks as well as with churches and Christian leaders from across the spectrum of the evangelical family, we are especially pleased to be working with a group like CRC Home Missions.

Christian Reformed Home Missions follows God’s lead in the movement of the gospel in North America. Working through regional teams, Home Missions supports a diverse group of church planters, pastors, campus ministers, and others who are called to renew communities together.

Here’s the announcement from our friends at CRC Home Missions.

As part of its mission to collaborate and catalyze mission work in North America, Christian Reformed Home Missions is pleased to announce a new partnership with Missio Alliance.

‘Working with Missio Alliance and joining the broader body of Christ with them is a great opportunity to get out of our own little ‘tribe’ and into the broader ecosystem of what God is up to in North America,’ explains Home Missions director Moses Chung. ‘The conferences they host are great examples of what they do, how they create space for learning without pushing an agenda. People are interested in the Reformed tradition and the broader body of Christ can learn a lot from our history.’

Since 2013 Missio Alliance has been working to create space for its partners to examine the theology of mission work across denominational boundaries. ‘Missio Alliance is really good at creating places to learn,’ says Chung. ‘Different groups from the broader evangelical world can ask questions and learn from each other theologically, ecclesiastically, and culturally.’

Home Missions is the domestic mission agency of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. With a bi-national office in Burlington, ON, and Grand Rapids, MI, and seven regional offices throughout the US and Canada, Home Missions is working to partner with local congregations in starting and strengthening missional churches and campus ministries. Home Missions invests in partnerships with Christian Reformed churches and leaders through recruiting, funding, support, training, coaching, and other resources.

The new partnership is beginning at a key moment for Missio Alliance, who are examining the Reformed tradition’s approach to mission in North America for their upcoming conference “Young, Wrestling, and Always Reforming” taking place May 3-4 in Philadelphia. This conference is the second in a new series entitled Once and Future Mission Series that will closely study different church traditions so that organizations from those different traditions can join together in learning and growing, be they Wesleyan, Baptist, Reformed, Holiness, Anglican, Charismatic, Anabaptist, or any other tradition.

Home Missions is planning to bring its entire leadership group to this conference to engage with other traditions and also hold their regular leadership staff meeting concurrently.

Read the full Press Release hereAnd check out the video below to get a great look at the incredible kinds of work God is doing in and through CRC Home Missions.

On Earth as it is in Heaven from Home Missions on Vimeo.