¡Bienvenida Gaby! Our New Director of Strategy & Partnerships!

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*Editorial Note: Gaby Viesca has been an important voice within our Writing Collectives for some time. Earlier this month, Gaby officially joined our Missio Alliance team as the Director of Strategy & Partnerships as well. Read more about her discernment process in this vocational shift here, and about what Gaby’s leadership with our team means below. ¡Bienvenida a nuestro equipo, Gaby! ¡Felicidades!


From the Desk of Our National Director, Lisa Rodriguez-Watson:

“Gaby Viesca has joined Missio Alliance to bring her excellence in strategic thinking and relational networking to the team as we grow to become a leading Christian organization that offers world class, culturally-attuned theological reflection and formational experiences. Additionally, she will determine and develop mutually-beneficial ways for Missio Alliance to cultivate, engage, and assist partners as we commonly seek to address the most significant challenges and opportunities facing North American Christianity.

I am thrilled to have the expertise of a dynamic, global leader like Gaby who brings a fierce passion for the Kingdom alongside her experience in the academy and in the church. Being a theological practitioner with a foundational business background in international contexts, Gaby is the right leader at the right time to serve and grow our community as we seed change in church by emphasizing the integration of formation, justice and mission.”

In Gaby’s Own Words:

“I am beyond excited to join Missio Alliance as the new Director of Strategy & Partnerships. It is a privilege to be part of Missio’s wonderful team and to support its mission to cultivate holistic theology and practice to reshape the church’s witness in the world. I look forward to expanding our network of partnerships and to explore new models of collective learning, growth, and collaboration. I am especially excited to connect with people and organizations whose ethos and values reflect the mercy, justice, and love of God towards all people.

Lastly, a note to everyone who is reading this News piece: If you’d like to explore ways to partner with Missio Alliance, I’d love to chat with you! The best way to contact me is at .”