Future Conversations: 10 Era-Defining Church Issues and How To Talk About Them- A FREE Missio Webinar w/ Doug Paul

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Seeing the possible futures helps us better understand how we might lead in the present.

It’s the start of a new decade, and many of us are looking towards the future and wondering what comes next… and how we’ll lead through it. 

For leaders, now is the time to take bold steps for a different future!

In this webinar, we talk with Doug Paul, discussing the predictions found in his newly released ebook: 10 Church Predictions for the Next 10 Years (more than 50,000 downloads so far).

In writing this, Doug spent six months working with a sociologist, looking at macro trends within the wider culture and within the North American church. And now he wants to share his learnings with Pastors and leaders like you.

Our hope for this webinar is that in getting under the hood of a possible future, it can help us better understand how we might lead in the present. 

Hosted by JR Rozko.

This webinar will help you glimpse the future and give you insight into how to lead now!

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About Doug Paul: 

About Doug: In his day-to-day work as an Innovation Strategist, Doug works with organizations like Catapult, Auxano, the NewThing Network, the ECO denomination, Exponential, 100 Movements, Crossroads Cincy, Christ Together, Younique, and a host of other orgs, including some of the fastest-growing and innovative churches in the Western church. In a past life, he served as the Global Content Director for 3DM, planted a multiplying missional church, was a Teaching Pastor at a megachurch and led a church to a multi-church model (before multi-site was a thing). Most of Doug’s work these days centers around innovation.

While he no longer works there full time, Doug continues to serve as a pastor and elder of a local church in the inner city of Richmond, VA, where his wife, three kids, and a Great Dane live. It is a racially and socially economically diverse church, focusing our mission on two square miles of real estate that just happen to have the 6th highest concentration of poverty in the United States.

About JR Rozko

Prior to co-founding Missio Alliance in 2012, JR spent most of his working life serving simultaneously in local churches as a pastor and in theological education as a program innovator and teacher. His main interests and passions revolve around helping the Western Church develop missional perspectives and instincts, especially through greater awareness of and engagement with Church leaders outside the dominant culture. Helping to create new networks, partnerships, conversations, and resources that embody and advance the good news of God’s mission of reconciling all things in Christ is at the center of JR’s personal sense of call.

JR has a Doctorate in Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He, his wife Amy, and their three kiddos, Aubrey, Junia, and Aidan live in Canton, OH. JR is an ordained deacon in C4SO, a diocese of the Anglican Church in North America.