Join Our Brand-New Lenten Learning Community, “The Contemplative Practitioner”

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Dear Friend,

In less than 1 month we will embark on the season of Lent – a season marked by practices of interior examination, restraint, and generosity. With a focus on both the inner world and outer expressions of our faith, Lent is a time that holds great potential for shaping us towards maturity and fullness in the ways of Jesus. 

Missio Alliance is launching a brand-new learning community this Lenten season, The Contemplative Practitioner: An Integrated Pathway of Formation, Justice, and Mission,” to serve you and your team’s pathway to integrated whole-life faith.

Over the course of six Tuesday afternoons (2 pm EST), beginning February 13th and concluding March 19th, we invite you to prayerfully contemplate, and then practically act upon, a holistic pathway of formation, justice, and mission as a Jesus-follower, right where you live, work, and are rooted.

Top subject-matter experts have been invited to peel back the layers in their own spiritual journeys, wrestling with what has worked – and equally helpful, what hasn’t – in the quest for an authentic, equitable, and healthy expression of the Kingdom of God in our midst.

If you are looking for a brave place to reflectively examine your interior life and exterior practices, we warmly invite you to learn more and register for The Contemplative Practioner our shared Lenten learning community.

$199 reserves your seat at the table. All are welcome. Your voice is needed.


Missio Alliance