Today: Michael Frost & JR Woodward Q & A Webinar (Free)

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Planting a Place-Based Church

Missio Alliance is proud to team up with V3 Church Planting Movement to bring you this free webinar today at 6pm ET. Register to watch live or participate in the limited time replay.

You want to plant a new church—but where?

For decades, Church Planting has relied on ideas and methods that have been reused in different scenarios around the globe.

There is a basic problem with reusing the same approach everywhere you go:

It fails to take into account the PLACE God has called you to plant a church!

In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • What place-based church planting is
  • How to discover the needs of your place
  • How to live incarnationally on mission

…and much more!

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This free webinar is based on your questions! Ask your questions when you register, and they might be read on air the webinar host Lori Ruffin, for guests Michael Frost and JR Woodward! Lori will try to get to as many as possible.

Michael Frost is an internationally recognized missiologist and one of the leading voices in the missional church movement. His books, including The Shaping of Things to Come (with Alan Hirsch), are required reading in colleges and seminaries around the world. Frost teaches missiology at Morling College in Sydney, Australia.

Lori M. Ruffin is an upbeat strategic thinker. Fueled by a passion to help individuals and organizations fulfill their God-given purpose, she is the Operations Manager for the V3 movement and an operations management consultant for nonprofits and small businesses. She enjoys helping others cultivate their relationship with God, songwriting and singing. She lives in Richmond, VA., with her husband and daughter.

JR Woodward has for over 25 years been passionately planting churches on the East and West Coasts, churches that value tight-knit community, life-forming discipleship, locally-rooted presence and boundary-crossing mission. He co-founded Missio Alliance and serves as the National Director for the V3 Church Planting Movement. JR is the co-founder of the Praxis Gathering and holds an MA in Global Leadership from Fuller. He is currently obtaining his PhD at the University of Manchester (UK).

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