Belonging: Lola Adeyemo on Immigrant Women in Corporate Spaces, ERGs, and Being Nigerian in California

A World of Difference
A World of Difference
Belonging: Lola Adeyemo on Immigrant Women in Corporate Spaces, ERGs, and Being Nigerian in California

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Her session is on Inclusion for Social Impact: How Podcasting Can Lead to Societal Change.

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Will Ferrell is the keynote speaker.

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Lola Adeyemo is the founder and CEO of EQImindset (EQI is from Equity and Inclusion). As a certified diversity, equity & inclusion professional, she leverages her experiences as an Immigrant, a career mom, and a Scientist and within different global corporations to inspire and motivate underrepresented individuals. Her goal is to expand the conversations on identity dimensions and intersectionality to help underrepresented and unheard voices be the best versions of themselves regardless of the systems they operate within, Corporate, Non-Profit or Schools.

Lola is currently working towards her Doctorate in Strategic leadership program with a dissertation focus on belonging for Immigrant women and Her book on “Immigrant Women In Corporate America and Belonging” is set for a fall 2022 release.

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