S2E15 – Glenn Packiam: Purpose will not sustain you, the Person (Jesus) will.


Naming it has a way of taming it. With Christmas approaching quickly, Doug and J.R. name and discuss the pressure, internal conflict, and otherness most pastors experience during Christmas Eve and the other “Super Bowl” Sundays of the church calendar year. Our guest this week is Glenn Packiam. I think this a podcast that you’ll ned to listen to a few times. Glenn has been through a ton of difficult situations in ministry, including: transitioning from being a worship leader to a senior pastor; a mentor and leader going through a very public moral failing; and the tragedy of an active shooter situation. He offers so much hope and wisdom to pastors, especially as he talks about the importance of five-tiered relationships (if you are LOTR fans, you will LOVE IT). We are so grateful for having this conversation in our quiver. Glenn, thanks for redeeming Org charts for us!


  • Blessed Broken Given: How Your Story Becomes Sacred in the Hands of Jesus by Glenn Packiam

  • The Pastor by Eugene Peterson

Glenn’s LOTR relationship tier
Friends (Other Hobbits)

  • Colleagues (Elves and Dwarfs leaders around the country)

  • A Wise sage (Gandalf)

  • A King/overseer (Aragorn)

  • A Healer/spiritual director/counselor (Arwen)


  • What relationship is lacking for you? How might you grow in that?

  • Where are you noticing the Lord working in your life right now?

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