S2E9 Dr. Jason Swan Clark – What do you do when your calling runs out?


What are you reading these days? Doug and J.R. spend some time talking about the books they are currently in and what helps them choose them. For those who live in Cincinnati, you are going to want to listen. Have you ever felt like as a pastor you have to do more and more with less and less? What keeps you in it? The interview this week takes the MMP crew to the UK for a great chat with our friend Dr. Jason Swan Clark. They talk about Jason’s story. He sheds light on the importance of Spiritual formation for pastors and the work of the Holy Spirit meeting us where we are. There is so much good stuff in here. Check out the ending story and the resources at the end.



7 practices for staying healthy


Healing ministry


Spiritual director





Look back over the last 7 years and write out what has God done.

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