S3E10 – Dave Briggs – Coronavirus and the new economic reality. Part 1


The way things are looking for school and church closures is not good. It’s not good at all. The economy, we all know, will be impacted in some way. And this certainly will directly impact churches, giving, tithing, the budget, etc. We want to help pastors and leaders feel better equipped in this season. This is why J.R. interviewed and recorded two episodes with his father, Dave Briggs.

Dave Briggs has led stewardship ministries at well known churches for the past 18 years. We believe this will be very helpful for the MMP community. We desire to see the church equipped and ready to lead others in this difficult time and season. Also, check out the resources below.

We have put these conversations into two parts. Part 1. Practical help for people to navigate the new economic reality personally. Part 2. Giving pastors, elders, and church leaders help in navigating the new economic reality with their churches.


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