S3E4 – Confronting pastoral overwhelm – Alan Briggs

Doug and J.R. talk about the February blues and their disdain for Valentine’s day, groundhogs, and cheap chocolate deals. In short, February is hard, which means this is the season to return to your life giving list (check out the Steve Cuss season 2 episode 1 and episode 2). Today’s interview is with Alan Briggs (that’s right… J.R.’s brother). Alan shares his leadership catalyst story of moving from reactive to proactive. He gives an amazing overview of what he is seeing as a leadership coach in regards to health, pressure, pastoral overwhelm, burnout, and starting small. There may or may not be some good old-fashioned brotherly love going on in this conversation. It’s always an amazing conversation when two Briggs are on the same show.



  • What is one small thing you can do that will make a big impact down the road?

  • Where are you feeling a pain point or pinch point in ministry?

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