S6: E14 Who Will Lead What’s Left of Evangelicalism?

There is a mass exodus out of evangelicalism for those under the age of 40. What will become of those who stay? What kind of leader will emerge after processing and deconstructing the beliefs and practices of evangelicalism? In this podcast Fitch and Moore propose what qualities and virtues are needed in this new kind of leadership.

*Figure 7 of this report finds that 7% of 18-29 identify as White Evangelical Protestant. According to this report White Evangelical Protestant has the oldest median age (56), suggesting a widening gap in generational practices.

**Check out our Brady Lectures with Michael Gorman: www.seminary.edu/brady_gorman/

***Come explore Northern’s Master’s in Theology & Mission, or Doctorate in Contextual Theology alongside Fitch, Nijay Gupta, Beth Jones, Greg Boyd, Drew Hart, Michael Gorman and more.


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