Episode 6 – Michael Adam Beck

In this episode, Rowland, Oneya, and Rich are joined by pastor and author Michael Adam Beck to discuss his chapter on contextual intelligence. They also discuss Fresh Expressions and how the church can see church planting differently in the context we find ourselves in, equipping people to launch faith communities around the rhythms of their everyday life.
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Episode 5 – Oneya Okuwobi

Rowland Smith and Rich Robinson sit down with Pastor Oneya Okuwobi PHD to discuss systemic racism and ways the church can give hope to this topic in the future. Oneya is Co-Pastor of 21st Century Church and does research in the areas of sociology and race.
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Red Skies: Episode 2 – Brian Sanders

In this episode, Rowland Smith and Rich Robinson have a conversation with Brian Sanders. Brian is known as a ecclesial entrepreneur, thought leader, and cultural observer, with a voice in both Christian circles and business development for social good.
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