A World of Difference: A New Podcast Partnership from Missio Alliance

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Missio Alliance is pleased to announce a new collaboration with a new podcast partner, A World of Difference with Lori Adams-Brown.

On A World of Difference, you will hear a podcast for those who are different and who want to make a difference. This is a community of authors, activists, academics, and average people who want to right the wrongs of the world and make an impact for future generations. You can listen to more than 50 inspiring interviews of people all over the world who are doing just that in their own lives; featured guests include Dr. Kristin Du Mez, Dr. Scot McKnight, Dr. Mimi Haddad, Dr. Beth Allison Barr, Dr. Chuck DeGroat, Mandy Smith, and Tara Beth Leach.

A World of Difference is created, produced and hosted by Lori Adams-Brown. Lori is an international speaker and life coach in Silicon Valley. She worked in multicultural urban communities with the International Mission Board in Singapore for 10 years and spent the previous 10 years in Indonesia where she led strategy in community development during a civil war and later through tsunami relief. She has been a pastor in a diverse Bay Area congregation and development director in a local nonprofit. Lori speaks six languages, holds an M.A. in Intercultural Studies from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, and has B.A.s in both Sociology and Spanish from Samford University. She grew up in an international school in Valencia, Venezuela where she learned to love city life, island life and Latin music. Her happy place is sipping a flat white coffee and having a deep conversation while enjoying either a beach or mountain vacation with the love of her life, Jason, and their urbanite third culture kids Nico, Alex, and Bella.

Missio Alliance is thrilled to add A World of Difference to our expanding list of podcast partnerships. This podcast brings world-class missional thought leaders and pastors into conversations about the most important issues facing the church and our world. Lori is an experienced ministry professional who cares passionately about the work of the church in the world. It’s an honor and privilege to share her work with our audience.

If you want to get a taste of what’s to come with this exciting partnership, listen to some of the previous episodes Lori has already released, such as:

Dr. Kristin Du Mez on Jesus and John Wayne, the Evangelical Man Box, and How This Lens on History Shapes the Present

Dr. Diane Langberg on Abuse of Power, Spiritual Abuse, Pastors Who Heal, and Signs of Abuse

Dr. Graham J. Hill on Egalitarianism, Women Pastors, and Deeply Listening

Dr. Scot Mcknight and Laura Barringer on Spiritual Abuse, Silencing Women, Abuse of Power, Pastors, and How Churches Can Be Tov (Good)

As Lori’s podcast is now an official part of our network, you can look forward to hearing about her latest episodes from Missio Alliance. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear Lori bring her unique approach to interviewing leaders, both with voices you’ve met through Missio Alliance and with others who may be new to you.

Partnerships are core to Missio Alliance’s approach to joining God’s mission. You can learn more about how organizations, local churches and individuals are partnering with Missio Alliance here.