An Open Call for Articles – Autumn ’22 Series

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Our 4th biennial Missio Alliance National Gathering is returning for the first time since April 2019—and we couldn’t be more excited.

AWAKENINGS: DISRUPTION IN THE LIFE OF THE CHURCH will be held this coming year, April 27–29th, 2023, at a location TBA in the next few weeks.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines disruption as “the action of preventing something, especially a system, process, or event, from continuing as usual or as expected.”

Doesn’t this definition hit the nail square on its head in describing, well, pretty much every aspect of life in the Church over the past few years?

As we pray and plan towards this crucial hinge point in Missio Alliance’s own story, our conviction is growing that communities of Jesus followers worldwide are undergoing a similar seismic shift in their praxis, values, and sense of formational approach to the challenges of our day.

Over the course of five weeks in Autumn 2022 (November 1st – December 1st), we will begin to explore this shift and more through our inaugural open call for articles centered on a common theme. This prompt is the first of a series of new initiatives, seeking innovation, creative thinking and analysis, and fresh perspectives to our ongoing mission as Missio Alliance.

We warmly invite you to submit an article proposal that addresses any of the questions above, through the lens of one (or more) of our existing writing collectives.

Will you begin to prayerfully consider how we are living in a season of disruption, and let that inform your proposal? We sense that this series is a small step in faith towards the reorientation that we will press into as we gather together in person this next year.

Download the Autumn ’22 series open call prompt here.

Proposals should be emailed to EDITOR@MISSIOALLIANCE.ORG by Thursday, September 20th, 2022.