Announcing “Red Skies,” a New Partner Podcast

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Missio Alliance is pleased to announce Red Skies, a new podcast created in partnership with Movement Leaders Collective and 100 Movements Publishing.

Red Skies explores various topics important to the church over the coming decades. The meta-narrative cultural shifts discussed in each episode are relevant to the church being good news to our culture and future generations. Topics like race, leadership, sexuality and gender issues, church economics, context, eco-theology, migration, and digital culture are discussed with topic experts, pastors, and leaders. The goal is to provide the listener with a framework for understanding our call as followers of Jesus and leaders who help display the Kingdom of God in the context of these challenging issues.

The podcast is a companion to the book by the same name, available now, and will feature interviews with many of the contributors, such as Alan Hirsch, Michael Frost, Oneya Okuwobi, Mark DeYmaz, and Missio Alliance’s national director, Lisa Rodriguez-Watson, as well as others.

According to Rodriguez-Watson, Missio Alliance is excited about partnering on this podcast because of its intentional focus on the challenges the church will face in the decades to come. As we seek to reshape the church’s witness in the world, we must be keen to understand the signs of the times in order to be at the forefront of culture shifts and faithful missional living. This podcast and its accompanying book will be a helpful guide along the way.

Rowland Smith, book curator, general editor, and podcast producer, wanted to partner with Missio Alliance because “Missio Alliance has always been a central point of great conversations at the intersection of church and culture. It has been a personal resource of mine for years, and I feel like Red Skies will find a home amongst many other notable voices in our ecclesial environment today.”

Red Skies: 10 Essential Conversations About Our Future as the Church is available for order HERE (for bulk orders over 10 copies, contact 100 Movements Publishing).

You can hear a teaser and subscribe to the podcast on the Apple Music, Spotify, here on the Missio Alliance website and wherever you download your podcasts.

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