Workshop #3 Bundle


All workshops from session #3 from Missio Alliance Inaugural Gathering.

1) Good Neighbor: Helping Mission Adapt to its Context

Presenters: Leroy Barber, Nikki Toyama-Szeto

2) Missional Communities: Fad, Fiction, or Fact?

Presenters: Michael Rudzena, Jo Saxton

3) Reconciling Spirituality and Sexuality

Presenters: Alan Hirsch, Deb Hirsch

4) Mission(al) Theology

Presenters: Bruxy Cavey, Allen Yeh

5) Rooted and Linked: Collaborative Leadership for Collective Impact

Presenters: Tim Soerens, Karen Wilk

6) Sovereignty in Non-Calvinist Perspective: Toward a Relational Theism

Presenters: Roger Olson

7) Creativity, Crisis, Power, and Poverty: Experiments in Starting Churches through Mission

Presenters: Gideon Tsang

8) Myths of Missional Church Leadership: Power, Authority, and the Siren Call of “Collaboration”

Presenters: Tim Keel, MaryKate Morse

9) Gender & Leadership in Missional Perspective

Presenters: Cherith Fee Nordling, Scot McKnight

10) Faith and Politics: Should the Christian/Church pursue God’s justice through the State? How do we lead churches in a nation divided by politics?

Presenters: David Fitch, Aaron Graham

11) The Big Guy Upstairs: You, Him and How it All Works

Presenters: Rob Strong

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